Music Boxes are our specialty. Custom Music Boxes. Sorrento music boxes, Antimony music boxes, Ballerina music boxes, Piano Music Boxes and Jewelry boxes with music. All Wind Up Music Boxes.
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  Music Boxes are our specialty We specialize in Custom music boxesTM


Music Boxes of Fine QualityTM

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Music Boxes of Fine Quality

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Many Music Boxes are available with your choice of tune. Click on "KEYS".

Deluxe Music Boxes with your choice of tune

Deluxe Musical Jewelry Boxes

Fine Music Boxes with your choice of tune

Fine Music Boxes

Music Boxes Around $100

Music Boxes
Around $100


Musical Snow Globes, 
Musical Ballerina Boxes,  
Musical Antimony Music Boxes, 
Bird Music Boxes
Bridal Music Boxes
Bell Music Boxes, 
Piano Music Boxes, 
Alpine Music Boxes, 
Carousel Globe Music Boxes,  
Betty Boop Music Boxes,
Heart-shaped Music Boxes 
Old-Fashioned Music Boxes

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Why not search Music Box World's  tune lists to see if  your   favorite  tune  is on  our list of hundreds?

It's a world of music boxes and Music Boxes are our specialty.
How about a couple's wedding song in one of our anniversary music boxes, or a wonderful lullaby for a newborn, or a song you performed in a play! There are so many ways to make your music boxes an heirloom that will be treasured forever-just like that antique music box in your attic.

We offer the finest in mechanical music - you can select from hundreds of music box melodies!

  • The music pours out of the box and into your heart. Enter an enchanted world where everything is musical. At Music Box World, you are sure to find your most cherished tune in one of our custom wood music boxes. We have been collecting rare tunes for over a decade and have assembled an extensive list of literally hundreds of music boxes tunes--all available for your pleasure. Are you searching for the tune Grandma sang to you as a child? Do you want to surprise your sweetheart with a love song? How about commemorating a child's recital with the tune they performed? Whatever you imagine it will not compare with the extensive choices of fine wooden music boxes and tunes at Music Box World.
  • Music boxes have been in existence for over 200 years, and while they have evolved considerably, Music Box World prides itself on maintaining a high standard of quality and restricts its inventory to traditional wind-ups. The delicate music you will hear still comes from the steel pins which are mechanically plucked as the cylinder slowly rotates. Nowadays, small music box movements are built into jewelry boxes, globes, figurines and other everyday objects.
  • We offer Reuge music boxes and Sankyo music boxes as well as other brands. 



All of our normal orders take 7 to 15 working days if  you need it sooner, please consider the rush services.  Most customers have been very satisfied with our $5.00 surcharge priority service when they order music boxes and are in a rush. 

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