Below is some info on how to make a music box.

Here is a link for a simple music box craft anyone can make:,1789,HGTV_3289_1369897,00.html


Easy Instructions For Making a Music Box out of your own home-made box.                


Make sure your wooden box is at least  2 inches deep and  3 X 2  inches wide or larger.

1. Create a template by tracing the outline of the base of your mechanism. Try to place your mechanism over to one corner of the box, towards the back if it is a large box.   Or center it if it is a small box. Using your paper template,  mark the areas for the  two screws (@ 1/8") and the hole for the key (@ 1/4").  Drill the holes accordingly. Remember, you won't really hear the mechanism loudly until it is properly screwed down and has something to vibrate off of.  Keep all dust particles, hair, clothing fibers, wood chips etc. away from mechanism. The tiniest particle can keep the mechanism from playing.  Keep wrapped until ready to use. Vacuum your work area thoroughly before installing mechanism.

2.  Add feet to your box to elevate off of the table. You can use decorative moldings, wooden beads or store bought brass feet.

3.  Screw mechanism in place and attach key.

4.  There are many ways to finish the box interior.  Here are a few:

Line a piece of stiff cardboard with velvet fabric and glue. Glue into place on box base and over movement.


Or divide box with a thin piece of wood stained to match.  Glue a piece of   Plexiglas cut to size on top of mechanism.  This way you can watch the mechanism as it plays and still have room for trinkets.


You don't really need a shut-off mechanism. Most mechanisms finish playing in just a few minutes as they wind down.

Remember, anything that will stop the flywheel from turning will act as a shut-off.

If you drill a hole in the side of the box that coincides with the flywheel, a piece of wood (toothpick will work) with a knob at the end will interrupt the music when pushed in, and allow the music to play when pulled out.



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